Sun 20/05/2018
The challenges of Being Called

The  challenges  of   be  called (Isaiah  51:2)  


The Abraham. He was only (One) when I called blessed. And  the  multiplied (the transformed  many). "You  is  only, but  God  can  turns it  in many, God  can multiply   your   ministry "etc. .... (Gen 12:1)  First  Place:  The  challenges  of being  called: The  call   of  Abraham  (Genesis 12:1) as  narrative  the beginning  a  new  chapter  the revelation  of  AT  about   purpose  divine   of  redeem  and save   race   human. This   nation  Jesus  Christ the Savior  the world, the promised  descendant  of  woman. behavior  addition  call   Abraham  involved not  only   a nation  land and  as  a homeland  Heaven. A  city  whose artifice and  builder  is  own  God.A  call  of  Abraham  contained  no  only  promises, but  compromises.God required  of  Abraham  both  a  obedience and  a  dedication  staff  Him  as Lord. Journey  of  Abraham  a  CANAA. Traveled from  Ur  of  Chaldeans  to  Canaa  by  path  of  Hara. Though  were  route   indirect. Will  be called  by God, Abraham  by  FAITH (Hebrews 11:1) - GalÃria   of  heroes  of faith, moved  of  Ur  Chaldean  in  Mesopotamia  to  Hara and  finally  to  Canaa. Then  God  established  pact  with Abraham. Through  of  tree  genealogica  of  Abraão.Jesus  Christ  born   to  save   the humanidade.AtravÃs of Christ, people  can  have a  relationship  staff  God  and  be  infinitely  blessed. According  Place: The  challenges  of  be  called <   > Involves  preparations and promises   of God (Gen 12:2). God  promised  bless  Abraham  and make it famous, more  had  one condition - he  would  obey  God  throughout. This meant  leave  home, relatives, local goods, friends and travel, emigrate  to  a   new  land  not  knew where  God  promised  establish  a  big  Nation  formed  by  descendants  of  Abraham. Obeyed  and left  in  direction  promise  of God,  future  of blessings  greater. Beloved - God  can  be  trying  carry  you  a  place  where  may  be   of  big  advantage to not allow him  the   comfort  and  security  caused them to lose the plan  of  God  to  its  life. God  planned  develop  a nation  which   It  I called my people. Third  Place: The  challenges  should be called <   > Involves  Period  transition  between  you and God (Gen 12:8). It is noted  clearly  this  chapter  when  Abraham  builds  one  ALTAR  God, Altar  tells   communion, resigns, repentance, forgiveness, reconciliation, celebration  remarkable  meetings  God. Abraham  was building regularly  altars  God  with two (2) purposes (1) For   Prayer  and Worship (2) How  memory  promises  of  blessings  and multiplication  God in his  life. Abraham  no  could  survive  spiritually  without renewing  regularly  your  love  and loyalty  God. Build   altars  helped  Abraham  a  remember  that  God  was the center  his  life. The  Altar  inflamed   help us  a  reflect  about  will  God  and motivates us  a  obey. - (Bethel - home   of  bread) moved  thence  to  a  Banda  East of  Bethel - and  Armed  its   Tent, having  Bethel  to  West and  AI  to  East - AI - Why  it  stopped   in the way? Maybe  been  nostalgia, health, climate, or even  same  fear, doubt, inseguranÃão, AI  remember  will  Abraham  of crisis, dreams  interrupted, it  the indesiÃão, struggles, challenges, disappointments, the period, the interval, heart, vision  point  view  human, literally  ESTÃR  out  of  will  God. Test, trial - desert --  Abraham  lived  moments  oscillating torquenejante, vacillating - only  recovery  the  reins of control   apartir  moment  that builds  there  one  Altar  of  Worship  the Lord  and invokes  name  God. Receive  then  directions  God's will  and  is  then have  ripening  God because  yet  no  was  able  to  receive  completely  revelations  God.  Conclusion  God  can   give  Periods  transition  and times  waiting  to  that we make  more  dependent  His  and trust  in his time. For God  uses  the  condition  to  teach us to prepare  and enable us  a  be fully  under  their control. If  patience  we  will  God  during  times  transition, we  better  prepared  to  serve you  when  we  called   for Him  Pr  Roberto Soares  MEM  Mission  Strategy  World

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