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A Foreign Woman Who Truly Love Jesus

A foreign woman  I love  Jesus  truth (eg Mt 15:25)   


Jesus rose up and went away to the land of Tire and Sidon and entered a house. Want anyone to know, but can not conceal, Jesus was notorious in that house in that neighborhood. That street in that city in that country. Jesus had emigrated from Israel to a foreign land p meet a great work God and p  a foreign woman resident of the region, knowing the reputation of Jeush heard about Jesus. Knowing that his only chance was present for the rest of his life. Whose daughter was terribly  posssessa ill and she does not think 2 times, she lived a problem. How do people see Jesus in our lives? For example ... the houses, streets, subway, bus, school, college, circles of friends and work or even in our churches the same? Our Christian life has made the difference. We have impacted lives in the neighborhoods , cities and nations with our Christian witness? we represent Jesus? what our position before God as ambassadors of the Gospel throughout the world. This foreign woman having heard about Jesus not to even entimidou you toward your goal. It is quite evident that alquem had made the comment about Jesus that led to an encounter with Jesus, without knowing it until the one experienced experience with Christ personally. Had only been talk about Jesus. Like really have lived our Christian lives? this passage we discover and we can use est foreign woman as a point of contact to review our concepts. Values of Christian life on condition of repairing our altar adoracao, leaving aside all that away and separate. Separate Jesus as the center of true exaltaÃãode adoracao ... .. I) Place ... q A foreign woman loved Jesus in truth-V: 22 ... led her to clamar.Jr 33:3>This was in a foreign total despair and panic. Had heard of Jesus through his neighbor (According to the writer historian 1st century after Christ FlÃvio Jozefo  conjecture) of the supernatural power that emanated from Jesus. It is a foreign admitted confessed. Said with all conviction that Jesus's heart condition was man of the lineage of David, the root of Jesse, she can discern the spiritual eye hat Jesus came the world to search, rescue, heal and release all the captives of Satan in Bravo voz.Ela cried: Jesus son of David have mercy on me, I have a big problem! hopeless situation led to cry out loudly because the uncertainty of having tried  the search for the solution of their problem and not have found the answer led to a foreign woman cry without ceasing ... Claiming the context here means sing and persist, persevere, fight until the last moment by his goal, literally immediate action to communicate their desperate situation in which he lived, had tried without hope in several segments of his time and means to solve their problems, was weak and exhausted in vain ninquà can resolve your situation, perhaps est foreign INFUENTO was a woman in their society, such as purchasing power psi consult with the best medical specialist, psychologist, psychiatrist or even mind having the esperansa to find the solution to your problem, she told her problem to the right person Jesus, but Jesus did not answer him a word: but his dicipulos worried the scandal and prejudice moral and spiritual, political, religious est that could cause foreign woman, came to Jesus asking him about this mulher.O Jesus dismisses est crazy, hysterical, outrageous desperate walking behind us, it can put your prestige, fame, power in large risks, dismisses it, reject it, despise it, because every time she cries after you relentlessly, she and a foreign, pagan, gentile, immigrant in this land is Jewish and not Christian not part of the elect, has no rights as filhos.O Dear Brothers in Christ Jesus to stop and think, think and stop and analyze the situation, which itself was Jesus, restricted p Israel as Savior, because not all the Gentiles was part and without law in this nation's promise, He came to fulfill the law and the prophets> However respondeu.Não Jesus was sent only to the lost sheep of Israel, over the 3 days after he shed his blood on Calvary's cross gave us the right to be called the children and heirs of promise, praise be to God, broke the resurgence resurrreto  veil of the temple of legalism, tradition and religion Jewish, breaking, breaking all ties and dogmas which was split between us and God, so that hj we had free access to worship before the altar as his worshipers in spirit and truth ...  II) Place ... q A foreign woman loved Jesus in truth-V: 25PB: Do not you care about the negative comments and discloses that you raised your neighbors, friends from the neighborhood had their respect, their bold initiative before the Lord in each approach, even the disciples of Jesus constrained her to him withdraw not continue in practice of the scandal but est foreign woman you do not care much for the criticism and hindrances q si stood before her, she persisted, insisted no other amendrotar the opinions contrary, would not go away without an answer, stood firm in his position , you come back from Jesus, in reverent act, humiliating, was married to the whole protocol to the attention of Jesus, came a demonstration of Courage, launched himself at his feet and worshiped in spirit and loved ones can imagine quite true that this was the great audacity of foreign to prostrate themselves before Jesus to worship him in recognition, confessing, declaring with all strength, sincerity and truth of heart, that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever and that is not Hallelujah meaning people who have sought, sought men and women who have the same action and valiant volunteers p proste and worship Him in  spirit and truth, a broken and contrite heart, not the despised God, cry out to God at this time  up an altar in your life that is permenet true worship, committed before God.  III) Place ... The foreign woman who loved Jesus in truth ... .. V-25pdCame sayingLORD HELP ME.... I have a great  problem, I have tried in vain for a long time to cure my baby, doctors and medicine is hopeless, I am a foreign woman in this region have been practicing medicine spirituality even strangers consulted the gods, these gods has promised results and diagnoses the cause and symptom of the problem in my family for my husband last abonadado has me in despair at not longer endure the horrible pain and abnormal state that you find my baby, I'm tired, frustrated, lost, without esperansa to live, I have lived a experience  next  you more sure I am here and that a neighbor with the spirit of wisdom, advised me to you for help! LORD HELP-ME-Ps 12 says / / / Help me, Lord! Because there is no godly men and women, with the spirit of counsel, the faithful have disappeared from the sons of men,,, V 26>>> Jesus answered,  1 satisfy, food, fuel, sustain and fill my family, my children for I am the Lord  head of the house, this great family, I have a responsibility to provide for the needs of my house first, and not good foreign woman to take the children's bread without having eaten before 1 children  and cast them to the dogs: YES, LORD, I understand your position, friend Jesus However, the domestic dogs live in our house, eat of the crumbs, moreover, remains that cae of tables of children and  owners separates the remains that families and children and puts dexaram part p be served to the dogs at home who live in our casas.So Jesus of Nazareth said ... .. IIII) Place .... A foreign woman q worshiped Jesus in truth ... V28 ... Nazare Jesus said to him FOREIGN WOMEN GREAT AND YOUR FE! Comform your word, word of determination! Revelation of the target! Ask yourself how you want .. The beloved Hebrews 11:1, Now faith and substance of things that you've expected but without faith it is impossible to please God, it is necessary that those who seek  worship him in spirit and truth, Jesus also speaks of in Matthew 18 should always pray and have faith and never  esmoleÃer for human justice in your words and come to win, esperanza ha into your life, your future, suppress thy voice from weeping and the tears from your eyes, because there recompenza for your works, saith the Lord,,, James 3 : tb 5.Such as tongue, small organ, boasts of great things .. A word of authority, determines the course  of your life, proclaims, declares as est woman, because of the word that you said your daughter is agora.Use are from your mouth to administer the Lord's blessings  in your life, talk to Jesus, ask him his dreams, projects, targets, your mouth has the power to change your story, you make the rich poor before Deus.Se strong and courageous, not afraid, neither be you dismayed, because  And by Jesus with you wherever you go, Jesus faras prosper thy ways, and thou shalt sucedido.Fale with him about your life, your future, you have the responsibility to decide hj on your dreams, visions, plans, The Holy Spirit will guide you, teach you ... adore it now, talk to him, pray, tell Jesus to his wishes, start to prophesy in the name of Jesus the word, do as Jesus, IS WRITING YOUR WORD AS YOUR WORD I am the head and not drained, God put me as governor, prince, I can not stand by and I called on Jesus p serve you here on this earth, I will be a blessing, to receive power, receive the word of fe, esperanza, your life can not be the same, the Holy Spirit moves the obstacles in my life, removes impediments to serve you  in worship as I adorarte est foreign woman as I am on this earth, in spirit and truth vitorioso.Eu I found the word that my future will be respectful, it is time for change  radical, speaking time in my life, prophetic word, my word as I determine the name of Jesus the word of Jesus in my ministry, my body in my family, my children, my job, my fiscalidade, my city  Parents, all things pertaining to my vida.abre your mouth now confess Jesus now and claim the word of faith  and power every day in your life the word of Jesus. CONCLUSION   ILLUSTRATION:On one occasion a lecturer ministering the word of Jesus that believers should use in your life to God's word in their captive was a woman who had gone in meeting the 1 time she had a daughter q was affected by a disease in its  house, the speaker to talk about the power of speech on this day it has in our lives, people despois the sermon was called in front of p receive the word of the prayer of faith, est woman played by the word of God made at the time a prayer of faith in simplecidade his heart spoke to God about the illness of his daughter and the great miracle happens sequinte prayer was so ... .... etc.  PLAYER Speak now in Jesus' name I refuse to fear in my life in the name of Jesus.I see all the doors being opened in my life I will go melhor.I full HOLE SPIRIT, I am full of determination of the word of God to anger me enable me to change all the things I have spoken to Jesus concerning the mim.Portanto I refuse esmolecer before the word of God, I remain strong  in faith, worshiping and giving glory to God, My health, family, ministry, finances, job promotion is thriving in the name of Jesus I see  prosperando.Eu see! Glory to God! Great Deus.Eu and I receive the authority of the P word of God to minister in my life and people agora.Eu can do all things that q me through Jesus fortalice p forward, now get out of anonymity Christian life, to make progress for all direccion. I feel strong and all  days to walk in victory in Jesus' Holy Name Christ.AMEM    Missionary: Roberto Soares

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