Sun 20/05/2018
What is the goal of Mission?

All of us are working and struggling churches. Missionaries and local church menbers supporting missions and doing missions. But someone already asked us what is your goal? Why are we doing all this effort? Some would say that the aim of missions is that all people can hear about Jesus Christ. But I would say this is the target of the church. Perhaps at this point you begin to disagree with me. I would propose that the aim of missions is to establish groups of people converted to mature and to fulfill the target of the local church is the evangelization of all people from its geographic reach. Perhaps there will come a time when the missionaries and mission agencies need to let the local church to do its work and move to another location to make your own. The aim of the church is to evangelize all of its geographical scope and the aim of missions is to establish churches. Can that target mission strategy establish a sufficient number of churches able to evangelize their own people neighborhood, city and region.
The church in Europe and North America has had a degree of success in missions. There is nothing wrong with celebrating success. We all lack of success. Without this work and ministry is frustrating. These churches sent missionaries often with great sacrifice to areas of the world that had churches, as in Brazil. There were communities of converts mature enough to evangelize their own people. Today the situation in Brazil is more than in some other countries of South America boasts many churches. I think we need to work for churches to more deeply into maturity.
When one sees that the Brazilian church can not evangelize a family or neighborhood, open another church! When Christ preached the great commission to his disciples, two of which arise at the end of his Gospel was preached with the intent that all his disciples to obey this requirement. The Brazilian Church is one of the churches in the world who have expressed a desire to do missions, deploy mature community of converts in places where there are churches so that these can evangelize their own people. This incidentally did not mean only in Brazil! Bertil Ektrom, professor of missions and leader in the Brazilian missions movement, said that many missionary efforts are being executed, but the concern of the local church is still low. They are struggling to accept this new vision of ministry. In my view some churches do not participate in missions, collaborating on projects national, state and support their Missionaires because they are afraid they will lose money and workers engaging in missions. But I would say to whom much is given, much will be charged! On the contrary. The Church engages in missions, has the blessing of the Lord, and GROW!
I return to my purpose for this article. If a church does not engage in missions because it is involved in a wonderful project of evangelism it is wrong. It is wonderful that a church is increse with evangelism. This is one of the main reasons for which it was founded! Many of our congregations grown not because the people never learned what is your target reason to exist. The aim of every church and congregation is to evangelize
All of its geographic reach. But in doing so, if you are investing in establishing other churches in Brazil and other countries, how do these places and countries are going to know Christ? There must be a local church evangelized in that place, too! We ALL make the task of the church and also the task of missions?.



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