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Missionary Training
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 Group The  Travel Training  Mission - MEM - Offered   by  Mission  Global Strategy has  five  months  duration, starting  in February. Four  months  are  for classes  theoretical  and practices and in the fifth  months, students are  a stage  transcultural  supervised in a country  America. In  June  is made  overall assessment.

The Training  Mission awakens  interest  for missions  transcultural  and the team  student  to communicate  Gospel  another  culture. Our plan  includes  materials  specific, such as: Biblical Theology  Mission, History  Missions, Phenomenology  of  Religion, Anthropology  Cultural Context, Understanding  Linguistics, History of Missions, Missionary Life etc. Are also  training  survey  resources  personal  being  sent  the field  and experience  practices  of  evangelism  in  group.

The Missionary Training  is really intensive. Demands  very  student in  reading and research. Plan  course also  is developed  aiming  lead  the  student  a  discipline  prayer, fasting and reading  Bible. 


You  do  travel  the distance, studying  in its  house. We  too  courses  Extension  to  churches  concerned.

Training  Mission  MEM

Courses  Mission 

Options  to :

Studying individual  in its  house

Mount  a Center  Studies  in its  Church

 PLAN  Strategic

Part I: Rationale  Theological

01.   Synthesis  of  Old  and New  Testament

02.   The  Doctrines  Salvation

03.   Christology

04.   Abreviaturas  and heresiological 

Part II: Rationale  Missiology

05.    Apologetics  and Worldviews

06.   Missiology

07.   Anthropology  Mission  and Life  Mission

08.   Communication  and  Background                                      

Part III: Practice  Ministerial

09.   Counseling  Bible

10.   Evangelism

11.   Discipleship

12.   Leadership 1: Factory  of leaders

13.   LideranÃa2: Triumph, Integrity  and Health  Relational.


Are  13  materials, and the price of each subject is  = $ 100.00

Method  Study:1.       One  Nucleus  Studies  is  formed in a location  or  church where  there  groupTop  16  people.

2.       To  groups  studies  in agreement  with  local churches  and  the Missionary Training MEM,  be offered  classes with  our  teachers  once  per month after  students  study  matter  of  months. 

Rate  Registration:  $ 60.00

This  rate  Registration is  for  to  process  selection, contact  with its  church and sponsors, and preparing for their  reception.

 Send  together  with proof:

1)      Xerox Portfolio  Identity  and CIC

2)      Xerox  Diploma and History  School

3)      Name and full address, zip code, phone, fax, e-mail  his church.

4)      Xerox  the birth certificate or marriage

5)      Photocopy of the Natural Persons Registry (CPF)

6)      Xerox  Title  voter

7)      Xerox's  certificate  Reservist

8)      Photocopy of certificate of completion  of  a course  theological

9)      Cover letter from a pastor or a church

10)   Two photos 3x4

11)   Passport

12)   CBC  and stool

13)   Proof of vaccination (may be  withdrawn  at airports): against  hepatitis A


AGENCY.: 1609-8

C \ C.: 27537-9/ VITORIA - ES - BRAZIL


 Advice  to  Studies  Complementary to those students who are sent  the field missionaries.

1)      Psychological Assessment and Clinical Pastoral

2)      Stage  Supervised (3 months  in its  local church and 01  months in the mission field)

3)      Language  Specific (English, Spanish, French, other) - option  by one

4)      Skill Training (an activity  professional  will be  useful  field)

5)      Communication  Virtual (Studies  On-line)   

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