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Cultural Exchange and Language
               Cultural  Exchange   and  Language: Exchange  Cultural  and  Linquist.The  Exchange   Cultural  and Linguistico  of  MEM   and   Method    of  learning fast   and  dynamic.Make   one years  of  english  in only  15  days   without  out   of  Brazil. Method  of DIMENSION  in  english METHOD  EXCHANGE  CULTURAL  And  LINGUISTIC  IN  ENGLISH, Spanish and French.We   leaders  in class   of  Immersion   Linguistico.Are   15  Days  of  Interaction  Exchange  the language  English without leaving Brazil,  15 days  in our  Flat   Interactive  corresponds  one year  in   school  convercionais.The  EXCHANGE  CULTURAL  is  a Center  of  growth   Exchange  of  professionals, executives, teachers   and  organizations  area  of  science  human linguistic  and relations  international. Our   focus   is  form  and  train  leaders  to  interact  a dimension  international   extrapolating   challenges  of  globalization  and  borders  cultural  and improvement  relations  intercultural and  communication  intercultural  Okay. Are  two  weeks  intensive  just talking   English.We  one  Know-how  of  EXCELLENCE  in  training   Cultures and languages.The  Course   Exchange  Cultural and linguistic Born  vision  provide  a  communication  Fluently  to   young  acting  impacts on  envangelisticos cross-cultural missionaries, leaders, workers and pastors, Christians  travel and international ministry. Also  youth  and people  who enjoy  speak English  and for  professionals.LEARNING  DYNAMICS  And  QUICK Make  one  year  English  in only   15 days. Are   two  weeks   intensive, 180 hours, so  speaking English, our  course  Immersion  in english  corresponds  one year  Classroom   Conventional Method  growth  especially  to  carry  person  talking  English  fluently. Is  Dynamic!  Flat   to   communication  Okay. Is  english  tip  the language to  talk  same. Provide  dynamic  Talk  day-to-day  and  experiential.TEACHERS  highly  capcitados  and native teachers  the language  English, coming  England to  the  courses  immersion.LEVELING  AND CONVERSATION A  rule  Travel  just  talk  english. Is forbidden  use  the Portuguese  and this  we  of  two  environments  specific: Environment  Basic (for  students   since  Starter  the top  elementary)   and  Environment  Advanced (for   students  Pre-Intermediate  to  advanced). Are  ten  levels  of  conversation. Default  international  education  certified  180 hours.A  WHOM Is  one  course  high  level, great   to   sectors of tourism, business, business, travel, university, professional  liberals, pastors, workers and missionaries, teachers  languages,  also classesand specials  to  adolescents  and  to  who would like to talk  english.ENVIRONMENT  OF  COURSE.The  course   is performed  ever  in  months  January  and July  each  year,  and  environment  Vacation  and relaxation. Planned  to   environment  Vacations  Smart: Linking  pleasure  tourism,  of  leisure and  of  culture. It  an investment  without  equal  in  development  the language  English. To  meet   the  several  levels  economic offer  travel  two  versions  of  Infrastructure:  in Version  Comfort  travel  is performed  in hotel  four  and three  stars, and in Version  Economic  travel  is performed  Inner  of  Training, Pensions  and  Camps.PRICES   COMPETITIVE Our  prices   include  the course material  teaching, accommodation and food, with the  better  Price   of  market.LOCAL  the  COURSES   LlingÃistica In   months  of January  and July  realize  courses  immersion  in  Brazil  in  regions  Suthest with  duration  two  weeks  each. Too  in  months  July  offer  Course  Practical  International   in England, with  duration  a month.METHODOLOGY In addition to working  with  the  best books  texts  of learning programs  of  English language, the student  participates  dynamics  of  Group Recreation  Goods, Outdoor  English  Learning (practice  English  out  room  of  class)  Evangelical  English (For   ministry  Christian, evangelism, missions  and performance  International), Business  English (  to  business, travel, tourism   activities pofissionais) And Spoken  English (  to  business, travel, tourism  and activities  professionals), students, teachers  language, and   students  Travel  letters.Contact  us ...Course   Exchange   Cultural.Home   the first days of July  of  2010  in Victoria  E.S. Is  a city  Tourist  very special  to achieve   our  courses  English immersion. There is  possible   combine  wonderful moments  tourism, to  relaxation  and walks  city. The  environment  immersion  and vacation  if  intervier  to  produce  execelentes results. Enjoy  this opportunity, invest in Upgrade  its  level  English   in  their   vacation.
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