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Help Promote Us. For Professional Mission: Promote the events and ministries of the Mission Global Strategy. The work that God has placed in our hands is great and large and you can not do it without counting as a group of faithful intercessors and warriors as well as an extensive network communicators and mobilizers of missions.

We will be presenting some of the ways you can participate with us in the ministry of mobilization and dissemination.

@ E-mail You may send information about our ministries and events via E-MAIL. It's simple: just write the e-mail talking about one of our events and request them to access our site or contact us.

@ Friends: To participate just send us e-mails from friends and colleagues who have no chance of an interest in one of our projects, We can send you regular information about our courses, events and ministries.

The registration of new e-mail is very important for us. With your support! Sending at least 20 e-mails from your friends list. E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need to have JavaScript enabled to view it.

RAISING: You may also be a mobilizer of missions, Challenging people personally or even sharing in groups in their churches or other, Challenging them to participate in our ministries. You can also disclose in missionary conferences or local meetings.

Challenge personally and in churches is the best form of disclosure.

PHONE: The telephone is still our major partner in the mobilization. You can join our plan telemarketing Multilevel from your city or your home.

Commit to call monthly to 10 people (local calls) in he's or her city, presenting to them our ministries, courses, missionary journeys. Give these people to our e-mail, website, address and phone number for them to get in touch with us.

Challenge and encourage your friends by phone.

Folders: The folders are still a good attraction because of its appearance. A good personal apperance accompanied by a good folder captive people.

You may request our folders to use them in their work of spreading, remembering that they should not be used in a random but delivered only to people interested.

Bulletin: You may also disclose our events, putting a short note in the bulletin of your church and other churches you have contact.

In this case, should be cited in the bulletin: The event, date, brief description of the purpose of the event, our e-mail, our website address and telephone number.

The disclosures in newsletters of local churches are very effective and reach many people at once

BANNER: If you own a website, you can link one of our banners on your site.

Ask us for the banners we have available.

RADIO: There are many radio stations that offer free calls to disclose the agendas and programs of the churches. You can contact them and ask to put some flames to spread some of our projects (as we have several, should be announced one at a time).

JOURNAL: You can also contact the newspapers evangelicals of your town asking them to enter a brief disclosure of our projects, noting that all our events and courses are of a non-missionary organization, where everything is reversed for missionary work.

Would you like to join us in this ministry of disclosure? Contact us.

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   this e-mail
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