Fri 20/04/2018
How to get involved

How to Get Involved: How to get involved in the Missionary Adoption Program. The Missionary Adoption Program is a means by which churches, friends, businesses and believers can support missionaries around the world with their prayers and offerings.

For a long time missionary work was supported essentially only by offers that were raised once a year.

The lifting of an annual supply was practically the only way the churches participated in the work of world evangelization. In recent years, however, that paradgma began to be changed.

e-mail and information from your work.

Growth requires a missionary action more effective and permanent as to keep mission to continue to move forward.

Realizing the need for churches to take an even greater commitment to missionary work, the Mission Strategy created a systematic program of support, where offers can be delivered monthly. Then came the adoption of Mission Strategy.

The Strategy to Adopt Mission is a port that allows the participation of sustaining consistently and effectively in the work of evangelization to the ends of the world, is a channel through which churches, groups, friends, businesses and believers (individually or in groups) can support missionaries and projects around the world with their prayers and offerings.

What happens when there is an adoption?. When there is an interest in Missionary Strategy Adoption means that other fields may be opened and more missionaries be sent.the supporter participates in a direct way in the expansion of missionary work. Besides, who maintains feels participant ministry worker, receiving letters and email.

The new adopter chooses, the country and to the mission you want. In the case of the church, she receives a certificate of participation with the name, photo and field worker.

More over, the church that participates in the maintenance of missions strengthens, broadens its vision and mission congregation is enthusiastic about the results.

You also participate Strategy Adoption Mission.

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