Fri 20/04/2018
How to contribute

Dear Friend

Thank you for contacting World Mission Strategy. Your participation is fundamental to the fulfillment of this ministry that is supported by Prayer, Participation and Contribution Financial.

Prayer:Intercede faithfully for our ministry

Participation:Attend one of our ministries.

Contribution:We encourage you to contribute financially to this ministry of Overseas Missions, led by World Mission Strategy .

Our Financial Position:God is our provider and trust Him to supply all our needs. The Mission of the Global Strategy depends on voluntary donations and offerings of God’s people to do their ministry, and these offers can come from churches, families, believers, friends and entrepreneurs who have the vision of God’s kingdom and invest to fulfill the great commission.

How to contribute:To contribute financially to the mission Ministry Global Strategy, a deposit in our bank accounts:

Banco Caixa Economica Federal (Brazil Cariacica-ES)
Suc.: 0590-8
SAVE. No: 001686233

Banco do Brazil SA (Vitoria – ES Brazil)
Ag: 1609-8 C \ C 27537-9

Made a donation, please send us an e-mail with your personal data. We will issue a receipt for your donation. Thank you. E-mail

Be Partner.:Be a Keeper of Missions.:You can make your transfer online:


Banco  do Brasil S.A.(Vitoria E.S.Brasil)

Ag: 1609-8 C \ C: Suc 27537-9:

Information for International Transference.:

Bank – NATWEST – London – England

Sort Code:60-60-02                                          Account Number: 44582102

Again, thank you for your interest in this ministry and for their contribution. God bless you richly.
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