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Missionary testimonies
The place of suffering in the life of the Missionary

Being a missionary is well suited, not an intolerable burden carried by a "great servants of God." God chooses the weak, the weak, the foolish things of this world to the glory is his alone (1 Cor 1:26-29). But that is well suited on the path of surrender and take up his cross, following Jesus. The pain is already part of the lives of many missionaries and the more we penetrate in regions not yet reached. We will have more contact with the realities of high social deprivation and spiritual conflict with the powers of darkness, violence, war and persecution. This leads to the suffering of minsitÃrio and his family. However, much more than that, the confrontation with the suffering of the people will certainly disturb the deep heart of the missionary.
How can we send people to places where suffering is a daily reality and very strong? Some think that this can not be God's will. But how was that God sent his Son? With that assurance and safety? Let us remember that Jesus said: "As the Father has sent me, I am sending you" (John 20:21,15:20). This means running the same risks, overcome the same resistance, to live with the same expectation, by the way of the cross.
Another cause of suffering is that people put on us a burden of hope for solution to their problems far beyond our possibilities. Sometimes we wonder, "What am I doing here? "Will it make any difference that little can I do? Of course it'll make a difference!
Each transformed life which retrieves the hope, joy and reason to live, be aware of their dignity is a great victory. But sometimes we are very anxious about what we can do and what is expected of us.
There are also suffering related to the family we left behind. Many are struggling and have an obligation to let people who love and ministries to provide support to elderly parents who need their presence. Others are forced to return prematurely (the heart still wants to be) not to compromise the education and the future of children.
Moreover, there is unnecessary suffering caused by the irresponsibility of those who send no real support, no guidance and no loyalty in financial support. This creates deep anguish and the churches will be accountable to God in the way they treat their workers.
What is our responsibility? We can not send missionaries only by invoking God's blessing and then wash their hands. The work is ours as the Brazilian church. We are very close to our missionaries, together with daily in prayer, keeping in touch by e-mail, letter, etc ...


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