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Cultural information
Cultural Information


The President, the current is called Albania Bamir Topi (PD). In Albania the system of government is parliamentary, whose Prime Minister Dr. Sali Berisha, who is in power. The political situation in Albania is still turbulent. The biggest problem in government is that corruption is widespread.


The economy has grown, but at a slow pace. The largest source of income in Albania comes from immigration. The agriculture and mining still has its expression in the economy. The main city is called Albania Tirana, which is the capital. According to the Albanians in Tirana live only a million people, almost one third of the population of the country Durres is a port city, and has the second population of the nation.


The religious situation in Albania is a little complicated, it's hard to describe what actually believe the Albanians. The predominant religion of Albania is Islam, something around 70% of people profess Islam as their religion, the other 30% is divided between paganism, Christianity (Catholic and Orthodox Romamos) atheism. As we can see only a miracle.


The Albanian Church is still very small, something around 20,000 believers. There are few churches that are led by local pastors. A great need of the local church is the training of leaders. There are still several cities with no churches.
The Albanian People
In general the Albanians are hospitable and open to a chat, they like to talk about football and politics. She loves to talk about who keep their traditions for centuries. The Albanians are resistant to change, especially the older ones. The young are fully open to changes. Familliar ties are very strong within the culture
Albanians. The cost of living is very high Albanian, being the poorest country in Europe.

Costumes and Parties

An Albanian family when you receive a visit, the first thing they offer is a chocolate, then cookies, soft drinks, raisins, nuts, fruits etc. ... and finally a Turkish coffee (coffee with dust, without netting) when the Albanian seen someone always takes something, or 1 kg of fruit, a drink, or CSDs and fruit juices.
Marriage is an event that deserves a lot of festivals, some families for a week celebrating the marriage of their sons. The party is great when the son marries, but when
home daughter is only 3 days. A very special day too for the Albanians is the arrival of spring, because winter is very severe, the first day of spring March 14, they go to the streets with branches of a tree that has a typical flower called mimosa. They walk the streets with branches of this tree full of flowers celebrating the arrival of spring.

Behaviors and habits.

They use many gestures in communication, eg when they shake their heads from left to right slowly, that is a yes. The men are when they kiss on the face, women usually kiss only 4 women and give kisses. The staple food of the Albanians is the bread, almost everything they eat bread together.


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